The Impact of Digital Health on Excellence in Health Care Organizations: A Field Study by Application on Baheya Foundation for Early Detection & Treatment of Breast Cancer

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کليه الدراسات التجاريه واداره الاعمال - الجامعه المصريه الاهليه


The research discusses the effect of applying the digital health system on the distinction of organizations and the high quality of health services provided through the case study “Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer”, where the hospital management system and the system of providing health services to patients has been studied and compared to the quality of health care provided by the patients’ point of view; clarifying as well, the reasons that have led to the distinction of this hospital during the last record time from the time of its establishment until now.
The digital health system has been implemented, and accordingly, the quality of health services provided has been raised, which contributes to the distinction of the health institution, Where the data were collected, analyzed, and the results of the study have been extracted; indicating that the hospital’s distinction is indeed for being the first in the ranks of health care providers in Egypt that follow the application of the modern digital health system in hospital management, patient data, and artificial intelligence technology in its equipment and hospital treatment devices. The research ends by a recommendation concerning the importance of selecting this hospital as a model to be emulated in most health care institutions in Egypt; so that, we can achieve one of the goals of sustainable development, namely, raising the efficiency of the quality of health services provided to everyone with no differentiation, reducing as well, the number of deaths resulting from neglect or from cancer and serious other diseases.

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