The Nexus between Leader Emotional Intelligence and Employee Turnover Intention: Do Gender Differences Matter?

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معهد الادارة العامة - الرياض


With the evolution of the Jordanian Industrial Sector (JIS), the employees’ retention remains a critical challenge. This paper examines the nexus between a Leader’s Emotional Intelligence (LEI) and the turnover intentions of subordinates in the JIS context and identifies the moderating effect of gender differences. The subjects (i.e., 420 JIS employees), were selected by the simple random technique, and the data obtained were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and IBM SPSS AMOS. The findings revealed that an LEI was negatively associated with employees’ intentions to leave, indicating its importance in retention. However, gender differences appeared to moderate this relationship, suggesting that the influence of an LEI on turnover intention might be differentially experienced across male and female employees. This research contributes to understanding gender differences in an LEI and employees’ turnover predictors in the JIS. It emphasizes further research on gender-centric EI dynamics in leadership roles. Overall, the research highlighted the importance of an LEI in fostering employees’ job satisfaction and maintaining a committed workforce in the JIS. Based on these findings, directions for future research were presented and practical implications discussed.

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