The Impact of Women’s Representation in Advertising for ‎Cosmetics on Purchase Decision Making in Mansoura City: A Cultural Perspective

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1 Faculty of Business Administration, Delta University for Science & Technology, Gamasa, Daqahliyah, Egypt

2 Osim Higher Institute of Administrative Sciences, Giza, Egypt

3 Higher Institute of Commercial Sciences, El-Mahalla, Egypt

4 Faculty of Business Administration, Horus University, New Damietta, Egypt


The main objective of this study is to analyze the Mediating role of culture in the relationship between ‎Women’s Representation ‎in the advertising message in Mansoura city and making a Purchasing Decision (PurchDec). The ‎descriptive approach was used by depending on a ‎questionnaire to achieve the main objective of this paper. Whereas, three hundred seventy-four individuals were the used sample size from the population of all the ‎cosmetics customers in Mansoura city. The path analysis method was used to study the direct and indirect relationships between the independent and the dependent variables. The study found that there is a strong positive significant correlation between the independent ‎variable (Women’s Representation in ‎‎the advertising ‎‎message) and the dependent variable (Purchase ‎‎Decision). Moreover, there is a strong positive significant correlation ‎between the dependent ‎variable (PurchDec)‎, and the mediating variable (Culture). ‎ To further understand the links studied in the current study, researchers are encouraged to investigate potential mediators and moderators in their future work. ‎

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